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Table of contents

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Host your server with OpenBSD

This document is published under CC-BY-SA licence using dokuwiki. It is written by a guy (and contributors) wondering “if I can, others too”. Thank you for telling if you share this somewhere else, just for information ;).

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You are about to dive in self-hosting universe. This document is written to help you hosting on you own server at home or a dedicated server some sevices too often delegated to others.

The main goal is to keep as simple as possible in explanations. 8-) Of course, some choices and compromises had to be made. According to your knowledge, you may want to dig a little further. Anyway, this document is written to be readable in any order you want. Fell free to pick in the summary.

To keep things as cozy as possible, we will describe and use OpenBSD in its last stable release (currently 6.6). This OS is known as safe and secure. It is alse really easy to manage because different services share the same configuration syntax. Despite all developpers efforts to make OpenBSD secure, we will be careful not to break those efforts.

You'll see hosting its own server is not that difficult. It is mostly editing text files and should be approachable for everyone.

Ready ? Have fun! :-)

First of all

Manage your server

Be on time (ntpd)

Host a website (httpd)

Host a mail server

Name server (unwind, nsd)

Virtualize (vmd)

VPN (openiked)



Synchronize with Syncthing




Data storage


Video surveillance



Examples and files


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Thanks to PengouinBSD, Stéphane,Péhä, Fred Galusik et kuniyoshi, Bastien Traverse, JB and my beloved one.

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